Our Team

Get to know your church leaders and staff.

Richard Stokes is a faithful member who also serves, outside the church, in various other organizations including a prison ministry which witnesses to those incarcerated in our prison system, regardless of circumstance, and advocates on their behalf.

Tara Mead is the vice president of this congregation and brings with her an awareness of the impact each and every one of us can have on our neighbors, near and far.  She loves to be a warrior for justice and to serve others before self.

James Wheeler serves as treasurer, helping to guide discussions of stewardship in the increasingly complex world in which we serve.

Jonathan Morgan serves as the council secretary, bringing with him decades of service to all ages and backgrounds through his various jobs.  He is an amateur actor and voiceover artist who has played in several local venues, and in his day job with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, educates Pennsylvanians about the dangers and consequences of underage and dangerous drinking.

Executive Team

President – Richard Stokes
Vice President – Tara Mead
Treasurer – James Wheeler
Secretary – Jonathan Morgan

Ministry and Music Teams

Choir Director – Faith Brown
Accompanist – Dawn Shertzer

Faith Formation – Becky Boone
Outreach – Cindy Mikesell
Resource – Kimberly Evanoff
Worship – Tara Mead

Manna Food Pantry

Director – Rev Susan Mulford
Treasurer – Richard Heiss

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